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Limited edition knife "Mac Nab Challenge"

Magnificent partnership for this limited edition "Mac Nab Challenge" between Louis Leforestier Graveur, and Manu Laplace Coutelier. After engraving the original, we have developed a micro-engraving process (1 micron cube), in order to reproduce the work of the engraver. The Macnab Challenge has its roots in the 1925 novel John Macnab by author John Buchan. The story, are three protagonists: Sir Edward Leithen, John Palliser-Yeates and Lord Lamancha. All desperate, to relieve the boredom that engulfed them, the solution can only be diabolical, with a hint of daring. Under the coat of John Macnab, they warn three areas of the Highlands. Within 48 hours, they will poach an undetected salmon or deer and present it at the door of the house. On this point, they put their reputation at stake and danger is inevitable! The modern challenge of the Macnab, fishing a salmon, collecting a deer and a couple of tetras, in a day between dawn and dusk. It is an exciting test of athletic ability (with a hint of luck!).

  • Blade : stainless steel 
  • Blade appearance / finish : Mat
  • Handle : Deer antlers
  • Bolster : Micro etching (1 micron cube)
  • spacer : Mac Nab engraving
  • Screw : St Dupont bronze
  • Plates : Polished
  • Closing system : Liner Lock 
  • Blade size : 10 cm

  • NEW
    1890.00 €